Design & Engineering

The road to a successful display can start with a simple sketch on a napkin, or fully executed design brief. We listen to your ideas and goals, optimize your brand message and attract the consumer to sell your products.

Many elements can go into a display and the years of experience J-Way have, plus the material resources we have on hand, allows us unlimited options to incorporate into the design.

  • Full graphic design services
  • 3-D Artistic Renderings
  • CAD Drawings
  • Color matching for brand recognition
  • Image and graphical asset prep and consolidation
  • Electrical load planning and diagraming

Wood Division

The wood division at J-Way is set up to produce any wood requirement needed. State-of-the-art equipment includes several CNC machines that automate production wherever possible.

In addition to the Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) showcases and counters, J-Way also makes the theft-proof and shock resistant showcases for the jewelry industries.

  • CNC Automated cutting
  • CNC routing with automated optical registration
  • Edge banding
  • Euro and conventional cabinet assembly lines
  • Ready to assemble or fully assembled designs

Metal Division

Metal components are often the backbone of displays and fixtures. J-Way’s in-house metal division has shears for cutting, press breaks to bend and form, punch presses, welding stations, polishing machines and more. Having all these at hand is invaluable for fast prototyping and production as well a huge cost benefit to our customers.

  • Shearing to size
  • Press break bending to shape
  • Welding
  • Polishing
  • Milling
  • Powder coating and Plating

Acrylics Division

Todays advanced plastic substrates make them an integral part of many displays. Incorporating acrylic and other plastic materials into a display can make the difference in a complete and attractive design. J-Way works with Acrylic, PVC, Styrene, HP, PETG, and many more materials

  • Horizontal stationary panel processing for scratch free milling
  • CNC Routing with optical registration
  • Edge polishing and smooth flamed edge treatments
  • Molding and extruding
  • Invisible glue-line assembly
  • Heat bending

Digital Print & Sign Division

Use the power of graphics and signage to convey your message. From the instant message of a logo, or a list of features and benefits, we offer some of the finest equipment in the printing industry focused on display fixtures.

  • Combination print and contour cutting roll to roll multi-process equipment
  • White base coat inks allow printing on any color background surface. Wood, metal, carpet, acrylic, etc.
  • UV laminating and inks for window or exterior applications

Interactive Displays

Today’s displays take on a life of their own with interactive video, audio, 3D sign elements, LED backlit signage, and live testing of actual product that is fully demo ready.

  • Circuit board design and installation
  • Video creation, production and post- processing
  • Wiring harness design and assembly
  • Integrated buttons and touch screen automation
  • Integrated speakers with remote sound controls


J-Way has the solution in hand with our permanent in-house installation crews and affiliates. We do it nation-wide and nations like USA, partnering with other installation service companies to save you travel and per-diem charges. Our project managers will work with you side by side to make your projects happen on time, and on budget.